A guitar is a guitar, but to make a guitar sound and play to its optimum, requires a setup. Not all guitars are equal but a guitar that has been professionally setup will sound and play as best as it possibly can and can sound well beyond it price tag. Working guitarists Are well aware a well set-up guitar provides a stress free experience and knowledge the guitar will sound as expected.

A basic setup will cost around £40 -£100 depending on the current condition of the instrument and will include the following:

  • The old strings are removed and the electrics are cleaned and checked
  • The Fretboard is thoroughly cleaned and Tuning heads are checked and lubricated
  • The Tremolo (if present) gets checked and lubricated
  • The new strings are fitted and guitar is tuned up
  • With the strings in tune, the neck is adjusted to allow relief
  • The Nut depth is checked and adjusted if required with precision gauged files/saws
  • The Bridge is set and adjusted and the intonation is set
  • The action is set, according the the client’s preference

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