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This gallery showcases some of the work that TreeCreeper Guitars have undertaken. These are are our more recent projects, you can see further projects by clicking on the links or using the menu items.

Thinline Telecaster – new build

Based on a telecaster shape but with the f-hole repositioned for individuality. The wood is American black walnut and looks beautiful in its natural oiled state. Hardware is a Tesla neck single coil with a stacked Irongear  humbucker at the bridge. Coil tapped circuitry enables the single coil feature of the bridge pickup and provides the versatility of greater output when playing rock, pop or jazz.

tele new build being oiled tele-neck-inplacetele front being oiled tele back oiled

Solid Straight Through – new build

A single piece of wood.

thru body headstock

Not always a guitar…

A Les Paul shaped chopping board.

LP body choppingBoard

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