Whether you want to replace some tired or broken pickups, add an additional pickup, or even add the electro to an existing acoustic instrument, we can supply as well as install all types of pickups. Want a coil-tap? We can add a micro-switch or change to a switched (push-pull) potentiometer and rewire the electrics.

Your Sound – Your Setup – Your Choice

Services include:

  • All types off wiring repair
  • Pickup replacement and addition
  • Pickup rerouting (add a 3rd pickup or widen the strat bridge area for a humbucker) 

    wiring from a 1979 Gibson 'The Paul'

    wiring from a 1979 Gibson ‘The Paul’

  • Toggle switch replacement
  • Jack input replacement
  • Custom wiring and switching (out of phase, coil tap..)
  • Capacitor replacement for better tonal quality, including ceramic , mylar film, and orange -drop
  • ‘treble bleed’ or ‘treble compensation’ – a fix for treble loss when volume is reduced
  • Acoustic pickup installation and replacement

If you need something specific, just ask!


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