For older guitars, a fret dress precedes a guitar setup, but for newer, old stored items, or 2nd hand guitars just giving the frets a new lease of life may be sufficient.

There are several methods of dressing frets, we generally follow this process:

  • The guitar is fixed into a specially designed “jig’ which allows for the neck to be adjusted and then held perfectly straight
  • The Neck is checked with specially designed straight edges and adjusted until perfectly straight and the current Fret height is noted
  • The Fretboard is taped with masking tape for protection
  • The Frets are check for high spots and notes taken
  • The Frets are then leveled using an Oilstone/Diamond Sharpening Stone and then with progressive wet/dry high quality sandpaper
  • Once the Frets are level, the Frets are flat on the top and require Re-crowning with luthier files. Once all the Frets are Re-crowned and the scratch marks are removed, they are then polished with compound to achieve a high shine which looks great and makes string bending much easier
  • The masking tape is then removed, the Fretboard is cleaned and treated and the Fretwire gets another final polish.
  • The guitar is now ready for a full Set Up

mand_rempveFrets mand_removePlastic mand_partThroughPrepNeck mand_finalRadiusCheck fretwire in place

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